We are providing consultancy services in different sector in order to increase productivity and efficiency of activities.

Our Exclusive Services

We offer unlimited consultancy solutions to all your business needs. We are based in agricultural, Insurance, Microfinance, Health and Technology sectors in providing capacity building, turn around strategies, linkage and support in different activities in order to increase customer’s productivity and long-term value in sustainable manner for their business.

To deliver high quality consulting services for the business development and sustainability. Using our experienced staff who have vast experience in the Financial Services Industry, Insurance services, Technology and Agricultural sectors, our company provides capacity building to different organisations in terms of trainings, developing policies, procedures and operational manuals, and provision of consultancies for different licensing applications.

  • Conduct training.
  • Technical advisory support.
  • Coaching.

REMS-AFRICA consultancy is one of the most innovative insurance service providers setting benchmark in the insurance sector in Tanzania. Whether it is corporate governance and transparency or taking a leadership stance in promoting the insurance sector into the hinterland of the country; REMS-AFRICA is proud to be leading from the front. Our performance in the years to come will speaks of our ability to perform in a tough and a demanding market.

  • Bulgary/theft.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Money Insurance.
  • Machinery breakdown.
  • Electronic equipment insurance.
  • Motor.
  • Fire policy.
  • Marine Cargo and hull.
  • Contrator's all risk.
  • Erection all risk.
  • Corporate plus.

We strongly adhere to our company values of diligence, teamwork, value for money, and integrity in all the activities in which we participate. We view these values as essential in order to maintain and grow successful relationships with our clients..

  • Website design and development.
  • System development.
  • Computer hardware supplier.
  • Computer Maintanance.

We help NGO’s, Micro Credit Institutions, SACCOs, and other microfinance institutions in the area of developing strategies, policies and procedures in order to effectively run their business.

  • Accounting.
  • Financial Analysis.
  • Payment Systems.
  • Digital Financial Services.
  • Microfinance and Financial Inclusion.
  • Risk Management Systems and Practices.
  • AML/CFT.